Pastors who served at Springfield Friends

Nereus Barker dates unknown – served as unpaid pastor in the late 1800’s

George Welker 1914-1918

Walter White (dates unknown)

Clara I. Cox 1918-1939 – Springfield’s second longest-serving pastor, was here for 21 years; our new meetinghouse was build during her time as pastor

1939-1941 – A “team ministry” of four young men, most of whom when on to serve as pastors and Quaker leaders

Tom Sykes
Don Conrad
Reuben Payne
Daryl Kent

Harold Hadley 1941-1944 – pastor during WWII

Milton Hadley 1945-1951

Millard Jones 1951-1954

David Stanfield 1954-1961 – went on to serve as fund raiser for Guilford College for many years

R. Max Rees 1961-1996 – Springfield’s longest-serving pastor, was here for 35 years

Terry Venable 1997-2001

Ray Luther 2001-2015

Joshua Brown 2015 – present

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