Who are we?

Who are we?

Springfield Friends Meeting is a vibrant, active, loving Christian community. We were one of the first churches in the area – we’ve been here since 1773, three years before the Declaration of Independence!

Our name, Friends, comes from John chapter 15, where Jesus says, “You are my friends if you do what I command you. . .” Our unofficial name, Quakers, comes from one of our early leaders who said that “we tremble before the Lord.”

What do we believe?
Worship 1Quakers have a simple, streamlined faith, based on our experience of the Spirit. We don’t have a creed, and unlike many other churches we don’t have any physical sacraments like baptism or communion.

Quakers believe that God speaks directly to our hearts, helping us to understand the Bible, follow God’s leadings, and shapes the life of our church community.

For over 300 years, Quakers have believed in the equality of all people. In a troubled world, we work for peace, since Jesus is the Prince of Peace. In a world which is often filled with lies and exaggeration, we try to always try to speak the truth and to live and worship with integrity.

What makes Quakers different?

Just Friends classQuakers encourage every person to be a minister; any member can lead worship, provide pastoral care or serve as an officer or elder. We don’t ordain ministers, though we do recognize that God provides special gifts to some people to serve the church in different ways.

We believe that God knows what is best for the church, that God can lead ordinary people and provide us with concrete guidance. At our church business meetings, the majority doesn’t rule; instead, we pray to seek God’s will, and we take as long as necessary to seek it.

Many Quakers try to live more simply and use fewer luxuries than most other people, out of respect for the needs of others and the environment, and because too many possessions take our hearts away from God.

How do I join?

Friends receive into active membership those whose faith in Christ as a personal Savior is manifest in their lives, and who are in unity with the teachings of Christian truth as held by Friends.

We try to make it easy – you can write a letter to the meeting asking to join, or you can fill out a simple membership application. Forms are available from the pastor or the meeting office.

Springfield Friends Meeting also offers classes and discussion groups so you can learn more about the Bible, Christian life, and the history and beliefs of Friends.

Parents can ask for their children to be enrolled as junior or associate members. When children reach the age of maturity, they can apply to be adult members.

If you have questions or issues you want to talk about, please contact the pastor.