List of Available Publications

Springfield has a tremendous history! Our growing list of pamphlets, books and multi-media materials share the lives, stories, sights, sounds and tastes of Friends going back to our earliest days.

All of these can be purchased from the office at Springfield Friends Meeting. Please call 336-889-4911 to have them mailed — we will charge the actual cost of shipping.


  1. Springfield Friends – 250 Years – Volume 1 – The People of Springfield Edited by Joshua Brown, Brenda Haworth and Dan Warren. Springfield Memorial Association. 2021, 363 pages including index. $25. This collection of 71 short biographies were written by family and friends who knew them well, and were shared at Memorial Sundays starting in 1907. Fully indexed, with dozens of photographs from our collection, this book is a treasure trove for historians, genealogists, and people who simply want to know more about the amazing Quakers who built Springfield.
  2. Springfield Friends – 250 Years – Volume 1 – The History of Springfield Edited by Joshua Brown, Brenda Haworth and Dan Warren. Springfield Memorial Association. 2022, $25. This new second volume includes dozens of articles on the early history of the meeting, Quakers before and after the Civil War, the earliest Sunday School in the state, Quakers who built Archdale and High Point, the Baltimore Association, the Model Farm, our four meetinghouses and much more!
  3. Springfield Friends Cemetery 1780-2017 – Guilford County, High Point, North Carolina Edited by Brenda Haworth. Springfield Memorial Association. 2017, 188 pages. $15. A genealogists dream! Includes map of the cemetery, listing of burials in each section and the columbarium, list of names with no known stone or location, stones with lost location, 1935 DAR listing, and complete index to all names in the cemetery. CD version of the book is also available for $10.
  4. Autobiography of Allen Jay (1831-1910) edited with a foreword by Joshua Brown and an introduction by Thomas Hamm (Richmond, IN: Friends United Press, 2010).398 pages, $25. Centennial reprint of this famous journal, which covers a period of amazing changes to the Quaker world. If you want to understand Quakerism in the 1600’s, you have to read the Journal of George Fox. If you want to understand Friends in the 1700’s, you have to read the Journal of John Woolman. And if you want to understand the complex challenges and changes faced by Friends in the 1800’s, you have to read the Autobiography of Allen Jay.
  5. Until We Sleep Our Last Sleep: The Diary of Emily Millikan Blair by Emily W. Skinner. 740 pages including index. $25. A farmer’s wife from Randolph County, NC, who was married in 1864 during the Civil War. She struggled with pain and physical disability even as she gave birth to five children. These are her words, as she wrote them over a century ago, yet her message of daily self encouragement and appreciation are timeless.
  6. Springfield Cookery: A Collection of Recipes by Springfield Friends Meeting (second edition, 2005). 224 pages, $20. Mouth-watering recipes contributed by generations of Springfield’s best cooks.

  7. Just For the Fun of It: Drawings by John Jay Blair, edited by Treva W. Matthis. 1973. 40 pages. $2. Drawings and sketches of some of the most interesting items in the Museum of Old Domestic Life.
  8. Allen Jay and the Slave/Allen Jay y el Esclavo Pamphlet in English and Spanish tells one of the most famous stories of the Underground Railroad. 8 pages, 50¢.
  9. Quaker Suffering in North Carolina During the Civil War, by Stanley Pumphrey. Springfield Memorial Association, 2018. 22 pages, $5. Extracts from the journal of a British Friend who visited the U.S. in the 1870’s, gives detailed first-person accounts of conscientious objectors who refused to fight and suffered for their faith.
  10. Springfield 1773 – 1940: History of the Establishment and Growth of the Springfield Monthly Meeting of Friends by Sara Richardson Haworth. Springfield Memorial Association, reprint edition 2019. 50 pages, $5. Lively history of the meeting, its families and leaders.
  11. The Springfield Fire of 1942 by Martha Mattocks. Springfield Memorial Association, 1998. 8 pages, $1.00. Dramatic story about how members of all ages worked to save their meetinghouse from a devastating fire.
  12. The Allen Jay House: A Historic Quaker Farm House and Relief Center, by Brenda Haworth. Springfield Memorial Association, 2019. 6 pages, $1.00. Description and history of the building which has been a center of Quaker work for more than 150 years.
  13. The Model Farm: A Quaker Agricultural Project in the 1800’s, by Joshua Brown. Springfield Memorial Association, 2019. 6 pages, $1.00. The history of the Quaker relief and education project which helped thousands of people from North Carolina between 1867 and 1891.
  14. Famous Friends Buried at Springfield Friends Cemetery. Springfield Memorial Association, 2019. 11 pages. $1.00. Short biographies and pictures of over a dozen well-known Quakers who are resting here, from Nathan Hunt to Max Rees.
  15. Where Did They Go and Why Did We Stay? 19th-Century Quaker Migration from North Carolina’s Springfield Monthly Meeting by Rebecca Ragan Akins. 23 pages, $2.00. During the 1800’s many Quaker families moved to other parts of the country – you can find their descendants everywhere!
  16. Touch Not, Taste Not, Handle Not the Unclean Thing: The Temperance Movement in the Quaker Communities of Springfield and Bush Hill by Rebecca Ragan Akins. 23 pages. $2.00. Quakers were leaders in the Temperance movement in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.
  17. Early Memories of Springfield: Letters of David N. Hunt, edited by Joshua Brown. 42 pages, $4.00. The grandson of Nathan Hunt wrote these wonderful reminiscences for the 1890 Centennial of Springfield. Full of material for both historians and genealogists.
  18. Rufus P. King 1843-1923: A Soldier Turned Minister, edited by Joshua Brown, 10 pages. $1. One of the best-known ministers in the 1800’s, Rufus King was an illiterate young man when he was drafted into the Confederate Army, was captured, imprisoned, drafted again and finally converted.
  19. Tour Guide – Museum of Old Domestic Life by Sarah R. Haworth and Blair Haworth. Springfield Memorial Association, 2019. 37 pages, $2. Early history of Quakers in the area, the creation of the Museum, and comments on selected items on display. This booklet is a reprint of the 1976 edition and includes all of the original text.
  20. True Stories and Historical Anecdotes From the Life and Times of Sara Richardson Haworth 1896-1991 – 3 CD’s . 1991. $20. Audio recording of dozens of well-worn stories and anecdotes by the master storyteller of Springfield Friends Meeting. \
  21. Yes, I Remember. . . Springfield Through the 20th Century. DVD, 2009, 33 minutes. $10. Reminiscences by older members of Springfield Friends Meeting, including Halcie Harris, Valeria Thayer, Red Mendenhall, Eldora Terrell, John Haworth, Jewel Parris, John Lance, James Mattocks, Catherine Sheppard and Kalin Sheppard. Directed by Tom Terrell, produced by Tim Terrell.