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Water into wine

Good morning, Friends! I hope you all are doing well today. This morning our Scripture talks a lot about wine. I know that a lot of people here don’t drink alcohol. I don’t myself – I never have, ever since … Continue reading

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What was Jesus asking?

Good morning, Friends! It’s time for us to move on from Christmas. But before we do, I want to look at a period we hardly ever think about. It’s that time between when Jesus was born, and the time when … Continue reading

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Consolation and redemption

Good morning, Friends! Today’s Scripture reading is one most people aren’t too familiar with. The stories we’ve been listening to for the past month – the stories about the shepherds and angels, all the prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah, the … Continue reading

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Home by another way

Good morning, Friends! This morning is kind of a strange and special time in the calendar. Christmas was just a week ago. Everybody has opened their stockings and presents. A lot of you have already taken your decorations down, and … Continue reading

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