The Signature Quilt

In 2019, Martha Mattocks presented a large quilt to the Sara R. Haworth Mission Circle. The quilt was originally a project of the Martha Jay Class in 1988-1990 to raise money for the Building Fund. The project was led by Annie Lee Bundy and many different members helped with the sewing of the names and with assembling the quilt.

It was sold by a silent auction and went to Edith Mattocks, who enjoyed it for many years.

After her death it went to Clarence and Martha Mattocks. Earlier this year, they decided to donate the quilt back to the meeting, and the Circle agreed to take care of it.

Janet Downing carefully inspected the quilt and copied all of the 600+ names and entered them into her computer. Janet also sewed a rod pocket on the upper edge of the quilt back so that it could be hung for display. Thanks to Mary Fay Bodenheimer who donated the rod and hardware.

The quilt is very large – 7 feet wide by 8 and a half feet long – organized in 30 large blocks with 20 names embroidered onto each block. Whenever possible, the quilters grouped the signatures together so to look at the quilt is to see the wonderful pattern of relationships which tie Springfield Friends together.

The quilt is now mounted in a place of honor on the wall outside the Max and Avis Rees Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it! You’ll also find a 20-page guide booklet with an alphabetized list of all of the names on the quilt.

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