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Summer and Sabbath

Good morning, Friends! I’ve got a question for you this morning. Where did the summer go this year? School is starting tomorrow. The weather’s getting cooler. It just doesn’t feel as though summer ought to be over. It feels as … Continue reading

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North Carolina Quaker Suffering During the Civil War

Good morning, Friends! Usually when I stand up here on Sunday mornings I’m a pastor, and my job is to share something important from the Bible. But as Tom has said, I’m also an historian. So were my father and … Continue reading

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You can run, but you can’t hide

Good morning, Friends! We’ve been spending a lot of time this summer with the Old Testament. We’ve looked at Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. We looked at the First Commandment. We talked about the sign of the rainbow. We read the story … Continue reading

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Tell Me Brightly – message by James Moore

About a week and a half ago, Josh sent out an email to Ministry & Counsel detailing the schedule of sermons and whatnot for the upcoming weeks.  He said that he still needed someone to take August 6 because he’d … Continue reading

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