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Troubled waters

Good morning, Friends! We’ve got another gospel story this morning. We’ve been reading from the gospel of John for several weeks now. Each week there’s a big question or a big issue. Last week we heard about Jesus meeting a … Continue reading

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Living Water

Good morning, Friends! I don’t know if any of you have noticed that for the last month or so, we’ve been looking at stories from the gospel of John. We started out with Jesus turning water into wine at a … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Good morning, Friends! Instead of a joke this morning, I want to start out with some riddles. Do any of you remember this one: I have one eye but can’t see. Who am I? A needle. Or here’s another: You … Continue reading

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Good morning, Friends! Today we’ve got a story which includes two of the most interesting quotes in the gospel. One of them has caused a lot of controversy, as people have debated for centuries what it really means. The other … Continue reading

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Every member IS a minister! (February 2017)

Once there was a man who went back to school in middle age, where he signed up for an English course. During the first class, the teacher explained the difference between prose and poetry. At the end of the class, … Continue reading

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