Where does the name Springfield come from?

Where does the name Springfield come from?

Springfield is a very common place name both in the United States and England. Popular culture says that there’s a Springfield in every state in the Union. In fact, there are only 34 towns named Springfield in the U.S.

Because the name is so common, “Springfield” has often been used as a place name in TV shows and movies. The Simpsons, Father Knows Best, The Guiding Light and Leave it to Beaver are all set in fictitious towns named Springfield.

Springfield Friends Meeting had its first gathering on May 1, 1773, so our meeting is now 250 years old. There is no record from the time of why the name Springfield was chosen.

One fanciful explanation was given by Sara R. Haworth, who was for many years the curator of the Museum of Old Domestic Life. She said that the meeting was located at “the field of the seven springs”.

Her explanation may be more fancy than fact. However, there may be some basis for it. Springfield is located on high ground, and a number of springs run off the high ground towards nearby creeks and streams.

Take a look at the map. The high ground is shown in orange and yellow, with slightly lower ground in green and the stream and creek areas shown in blue. As you can see, there may be some truth in the old legend about the origin of the name Springfield.

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