Newsletter articles


Right Beneath Our Feet (July 2018)

Firefly Time (June 2018)

Easter = Resurrection (April 2018)

Quakers and the Underground Railroad (March 2018)

Numbers (February 2018)


Christmas is Coming! (December 2017)

Thanksgiving (November 2017)

Doing it Yourself (October 2017)

Memorial Day (June 2017)

The Power of Prayer (May 2017)

The Message of Easter (April 2017)

What Are We Planting? (March 2017)

Every Member IS a Minister! (February 2017)


How to Help People Feel Welcome (November 2016)

Out in the Parking Lot (October 2016)

Small Groups (July 2016)

Are We Ready to Change? (May 2016)

Are We Praying to Grow? (February 2016)


Advent Means Adventure! (December 2015)

Note: not all of the front page articles are included here, since some publicize events which are no longer current.