Drive-in Worship at Springfield Friends

Starting in June, Springfield Friends began holding outdoor Drive-in Services on Sunday because of the COVID-19 lockdown. We plan to return to holding regular indoor services when it’s safe to do so.

Because of the summer heat, the service will start at 9:00 a.m. and will be a little shorter than normal (about 30 minutes).

Your health is our top priority! We check state, local and national news and recommendations on a daily basis, as well as contacting local health professionals.

Here are some important tips for attending the Drive-in Service.

• Please do not come to a drive-in service if you are scared or concerned about your health. Please stay home if you have any symptoms of the virus (fever/chill, cough, shortness of breath, aches, loss of smell) .

• Cars need to be kept apart with one empty space between each vehicle. Every other space will be blocked off to make sure that this happens.

• Please stay in your car — if you get out of your car, please wear a mask. We will also have chairs set up in the shade (spaced apart) or you can bring a blanket and sit on the grass.

• Please do not shake hands, hug or have physical contact, and please maintain a safe social distance of at least 6′ at all times.

• It’s OK to turn on your engine and run the A/C if you want. We also recommend sun glasses if you need them, and bring bottled water or a cold drink with you from home.

• The drive-in service will be canceled in case of rain.

If you can’t come for any reason, we also record our worship messages on our meeting’s Facebook page, and also in text-only format on the meeting’s web site.